23 Minute Metabolic Conditioning Home Workout

metabolic conditioning workout fuel your adventure

Healthy eating isn't the only ingredient to a healthy life, and binge eating dino kale will only get you so far. Exercise, both mentally and physically, is key to maintaining a healthy and satisfied life. Scheduling in 30 to 60 minutes of exercise can seem daunting, especially if you're like me and work from home. Even though my schedule is more flexible than when I worked a “9-5” office job, I find it harder now to actually step aside from the task at hand to go for a run, burn those abs, or shred some weights.

Keeping yourself accountable, especially for my fellow home entrepreneurs, is key, and the best way to set yourself up for success is to schedule in 30 minutes to take a break, go outside and breathe some fresh air, and connect with your body.

Here's a fun, full body metabolic conditioning workout that's great for all experience levels; and since I workout from home, this routine can be done gear free! I included a light weight into my routine by grabbing a full jug of orange juice (4.5 lbs when I weighed it) and lugging it around with me.

This minute (excluding warm up and cool down) took 23 minutes. Invest 23 minutes in your health and reap the benefits all day long. I've linked some YouTube videos to help demonstrate the type of exercise; videos aren't always exact, but that's okay! Personalize it!

metabolic conditioning workout exercise metcon

Suggested dynamic warm up: 3 reps

50 jumping jacks
walking zombie kicks OR walking hip rotations OR runners lunge with forearms on ground. Find more inspiration here!

Set One: 3 reps

10 walking lunges → push up (turn around), 10 walking lunges → push up
5 burpees with push up on 1-2ft incline (jump onto incline)
20, 15, 10 tricep dips

Make it harder:
  • Replace walking lunges with jumping lunges in place
  • Add weights to lunges
  • Replace push up with a one legged push up (rotate legs on each end)
  • Double push up on burpees
  • Keep your legs straight on tricep dips
  • Alternate lifting a leg on tricep dips
Make it easier:
  • Reduce amount or reps
  • Remove push ups after lunges or do push ups on knees
  • Bend legs during triceps and move further out

 healthy living exercise

Set Two: 3 reps

50, 30, 20 ankle touch
20, 15, 10 alternate toe touch (don't let the legs touch the ground)
20, 15, 10 bicycle
Suicide run (as much space as you have available)

Make it harder:
  • Bring your feet together for toe touches
  • I like to keep my shoulders off the ground for both toe touches and bicycle
  • Add a burpee at the end of the suicide run and/or touch the ground at the end before turning
Make it easier:
  • Spread your legs apart for the ankle touch
  • Keep shoulders on the ground for the toe touch & bicycle and let your legs rest on the ground
  • Walk the suicide run


Set Three: 3 reps

10, 8, 5 stacked feet side plank, push up, side plank holding weight above head on side (I used my orange juice!)
10, 15, 20 weighted squat
10, 15, 20 ice skater
15 calf raises on step

Make it harder:
  • Raise top leg on your side plank to make a starfish and hold for 3-5 seconds
  • Do diamond push up
  • Add heaver weight during squat OR do jump squats
Make it easier:
  • Leave one leg on the ground during stacked side plank, eliminate weight, and/or remove push up
  • Remove weight for squat
  • Step ice skater instead of jumping

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