4 Ideas for Creating Romance in The Great Outdoors

Creating Romance in the Great Outdoors



NOUN. A quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness

from everyday life.


Happy February! 

It’s officially romance season for the uninitiated, but we think being outdoors and off the grid with loved ones anytime of the year is inherently romantic. In our modern times, the mere concept of unplugging from our devices and experiencing human connection and a shared tangible experience is a worthy romantic pursuit. This year, let romance abound with thoughtful intention to an outdoor adventure.

To help spice up your next trip, here are 4 rockin’ ideas for romance on your next glamping, camping, or wilderness trip!

#1 Location location location!

If your partner is a glamper with ethereal fairy lights type of person, but you’re an ultralight bivy sack with a tarp type person, perhaps you meet on the side of comfort and enjoy an established campground with flush toilets and showers or a converted RV on a farmstead. We suggest checking out Hipcamp for finding unique experiences that really add an extra special wow!

Or, BLM areas and many National Parks and Forests offer off the beaten path remoteness where you won’t see another soul if that’s what you both seek. We suggest using the online, interactive BLM map systems to find hidden gems!

The point is, make sure the location is special for both of you and you’re not dragging an unwilling partner along for your version of adventure only.

#2 Bring Special Extras!

If you and your partner are simpatico and have settled into a rhythm with your minimalistic style of hiking and backpacking, perhaps you add a tiny bit of extra gear to ramp up the special factor. Smores ingredients for a campfire or a battery pack and special tune list for cooking dinner and dancing by starlight are two ideas we love. (From Deana, fiercely competitive at everything: My partner and I have been really into “Mastermind” which we are bringing on our short backpacking trip this weekend to play as a dinner game!)

If you did convince your city dweller-loving sweetheart out in a tent at a campsite, surprise them with a special trip to a local coffee shop in the morning or make sure you pack the essentials to prepare a spectacular cup of coffee to their specifications. (From Amy, self described ‘glorious glamper’: I know if my milk ain’t frothed, I ain’t interested so please, pack the battery charged frother (and milk and an ice cooler, of course) and you’ll get me every time!)

Whatever your partner finds special, try to incorporate it into your outdoor routine to shake things up!

Wilderness Romance

#3 Fancy Schmancy Drinks!

 Earn your turns, as they say, and haul in some special drinks to enjoy after a long day hiking. Test your foraging skills and see if you can find any wild herbs growing to spice things up! With the proliferation of non-alcoholic options on the market today, your choices to please all palates are endless. 

Oh, and here’s a little slice of brilliance, offset the drink weight when you pack Bushka’s super light freeze dried meals! Pair our Unstuffed Pepper with a full-bodied red, a nice stout beer with our Hunter’s Pie, a dry white California Sauvignon Blanc with our Hearty Harvest, rose lemonade with our Zesty Zoodles or cider with our Lentil Lunch. And chill your drinks in a river if you’re near one!

#4 Kids Corner!

Do you remember the thrill of getting valentine’s cards from everyone when you were a kid? And making them?! It’s such a simple gesture and the good memories last forever. If the kids are with you for a valentine’s day adventure, consider making hearts with twigs and pinecones or making an extra special trail dessert in the campfire before bed!

Nature offers an abundance of materials for creative crafts and artistic expressions. I remember a canoe trip as a pre-teen where we made up new lyrics to old songs the entire day, all to the rhythm of our synchronized paddling. Give your kid a tune and see what surprising lyrics they come up with! 


Do you have a great idea we left out? 

Please share it with us by commenting at Instagram, tag us, email us, send a fax (LOL - just kidding we don’t have a fax machine!), leave a message, any of the ways, just reach out! We love to hear from you.

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