5 Uses For Freeze-Dried Food

5 Uses For Freeze-Dried Food

Life is busy - sometimes overwhelmingly busy - and often it's our health that suffers from being on the go too much. Whether it's missing your 7am yoga class or downing meal replacement shake after meal replacement shake or even cutting back on sleep in order to hit that critical deadline, all these sacrifices add up and can leave you feeling unbalanced in your life. 

I've spoken to so many people who sheepishly admit that they order way too much takeout simply because “it's faster” and because “meal prepping just isn't my thing.” A friend once told me that he orders takeout because he frequently forgets he bought groceries and the food always spoils in his fridge. Total waste of money and food :(

Food is our body's fuel and it's not an exaggeration to say food is what keeps our bodies powered throughout the day. It's vitally important to eat healthy, nutrient dense meals in order to have the energy you need to function at your best! I love freeze-dried meals because they are easy to incorporate into your already busy life. Not only are they no prep meals, they literally only take hot water and a few minutes to be ready to eat. 

Because Bushka meals are shelf-stable and good to go as is, they can be taken on adventures, airplane journeys, live in the car, your gym duffle bag, or your cubicle in the office. So, how can you incorporate them into your lifestyle?

#1 Outdoor Recreation & Adventure

Freeze-dried meals are a natural choice for outdoor recreation and adventures! What could be simpler than loading a day pack filled with freeze-dried meals and setting up camp underneath the stars. Or, headed to the lake for the day with the kids? Bring no fuss & no prep meals with you so that when your kids go from 'I'm not hungry yet!' to 'MOM, I'M STARVING NOW' you can don your figurative superhero cape and have a quick and healthy meal ready at a moment's notice!

Tasty Freeze-Dried Food for Outdoor
For the more rugged adventurers, such as backpackers and hunters, you know the importance of traveling ultralight while still having enough supplies to keep you fueled. Freeze-dried food is light and portable so even if you're out in the woods for over a week, you're not going to break your back hauling supplies! Plus, nothing beats a warm meal if you're caught out in unpleasant weather or need to cross a frigid river.

#2 No Fuss Care Packages

Are you expecting parents preparing for the arrival of your little one or parents waving your kid off to college? Care packages filled with shelf-stable freeze-dried meals are perfect for those moments when life happens. Whether you are making a 'go bag' to bring to the hospital with you or instead preparing a few meals to leave behind at the house for the family to eat while you're away, freeze-dried meals remove the stress of meal prepping. Worried that your college kid isn't eating healthy due to exam stress and the party life (I mean.... networking life... right)? Freeze-dried meals have a long shelf life and are easy to tote around in a backpack. Our Morning Citrus Bowl is packed with good fats and chia seeds, an amazing superfood; no excuse to skip breakfast when it's this easy to eat on the go.

Care packages of freeze-dried food also make thoughtful gifts. My friend recently underwent a serious operation and had limited mobility following the surgery. I gifted her several freeze-dried meals so that she could rest and know that whenever she needed food, she didn't have to worry about making a meal, going grocery shopping, or even answering the door for takeout.

#3 Travel Food

RV roadtrip with freeze-dried foodTraveling by plane, train, or automobile?? I love travel and road trips, but I often find myself arriving at my destination really late at night where my only food options are fast food or pizza. Freeze-dried meals are perfect for those late night arrivals! Simply boil up some water in your RV or at your hotel (or if you are roughing it, hit a gas station and get hot water there), add to bag, and a filling meal is ready for you.

what type of food to bring on air travelBringing freeze-dried food on airline travel is easy and convenient (and more affordable than airport food!) If you are bringing dried food on your next journey, see our blog on 3 Tips For Air Travel With Freeze-Dried Food!

#4 Pantry Stuffers

Anyone else skip grocery shopping when they are super busy?? I'm guilty as charged. When I'm stressed, walking the aisles of the supermarket planning what I'm going to prepare and eat for the week is such a chore, especially when I know I have a few late nights or work events and might not make it home for dinner thus increasing the odds that my produce and meat will spoil in the fridge. UGH! For moment's like those, I'm grateful that I have a pantry stocked with freeze-dried meals (I'm looking at you, Unstuffed Pepper <3) so that I always have food on hand.

no prep office meal

Because Bushka meals do not spoil quickly, our freeze-dried food is great to keep in the office for those days when you have meeting after meeting and can't sneak away for lunch. Add water from your hot water/tea dispenser, and BAM! Suddenly, no more hangry afternoon meetings.

I also love having my pantry stocked with freeze-dried meals for when a nasty head cold or other virus takes me down! If I'm sick, the chances of me cooking are none. Just straight up none. I don't like to be in the kitchen when I don't feel well, but I can usually muster up some energy to put the kettle on to boil and pour hot water in a freeze-dried soup packet.

#5 Emergency Preparation

Lastly, freeze-dried food is critical for a well rounded emergency preparation kit or go bag. I'm not saying you're going to survive the apocalypse on freeze-dried food alone, but dried meals should absolutely be part of your preparation for when disasters strike! If SHTF, don't scramble looking for a can opener! emergency food

While rehydrating meals with hot water is preferred as dried food reconstitutes faster and better with warm water, cold water will work just fine if the water is out or you do not have a way to boil water. You also do not need any tools to open a food pouch versus with cans you need to buy only ones with a open pull tab or always keep a can opener handy. In the unlikely scenario that you need to flee on foot or by car, stuffing a pack with freeze-dried food is faster and lighter than cans and will enable you to move more quickly! In a disaster, every second counts.


Bushka's Kitchen provides ready-to-eat, lightweight food for every type of busy lifestyle, whether that's backpacking, traveling, parenting, or just plain ol' business. Browse our nutritious, gourmet food and stock up for your busy life!

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