7 Ways To Get Outside that Aren't Hiking

7 Ways To Get Outside that Aren't Hiking

Even the most experienced, avid hikers need a break sometimes. There are so many ways to get outside that aren't hiking. Getting outdoors provides so many benefits from increased serotonin, to sleeping better at night, and there any many avenues to do so. Whether you enjoy hiking, or loathe it entirely, here are 7 ways to get outside that aren't hiking: 

1. Skating 

Winter is coming around, which means activities begin to change. Skating isn't a skill that you need to have from a young age, and is a skill that can easily be acquired!

You can choose to go skating a local public rink, indoor or outdoor (obviously outdoor preferred!), or go wild skating on a lake - which there are an abundance of! 

To find the best skating spots in your area, google "Wild Skating (Your Area)". Be sure to check ice conditions prior to heading out, and only going out if you are 100% sure the ice is thick enough for you to skate on. If you are unsure, don't do it!

2. Skiing & Snowboarding

Two activities taken up by so many over the past 3 years! Skiing and snowboarding are two great activities to get your bodies moving in the cold, and staying warm while doing so. 

Whether you're heading out to a local ski hill, or a hill further way, you're guaranteed to have lots of fun. And just a reminder that you don't need to be good at your hobbies, you just have to enjoy them!

3. Bird Watching

Birds are fascinating species, and across the globe there are so many different types of birds for you to watch and study. While you are travelling somewhere, be sure to google "Best Bird Watching (Area)" or better yet, find out to see if any of the local tourism boards off Bird Tours - these people are paid to know and provide you with all the fun and exciting information about the birds in the area!

4. Kayaking or Canoeing 

Or even stand-up paddle boarding! Water sports are a great way to get out on the water and only exerting as much energy as you please. You can choose to float around and not do much work, or go on an adventure and see how far you can paddle. 

Make sure you check any form of restrictions for water sports at any of the bodies of water you go to like self-cleaning checks, watercraft inspections, permits etc. 

5. Bouldering

Bouldering is rock climbing close to the ground without the need for a rope or harness. It can be done indoors or out and all you need is a pair of climbing shoes, some chalk, and a big foam crash pad. Literally climbing on a boulder instead of on a rock face or cliff.

Find your nearest outdoor bouldering gym today!

6. Mountain Biking

If hitting the trails by foot doesn’t sound appealing, you may find heading up a trail on a mountain bike more enjoyable. A mountain bike is generally outfitted with knobby off-road tires for traction and a suspension system to absorb the bumps along the trail. Many mountain towns offer mountain bike rentals so you can go out and enjoy the trails without purchasing your own bike.

Pack a backpack with snacks and water and make a day of enjoying the flora, views and trails many people can’t access on foot. Plus, there’s nothing better than a long descent after pedaling your way up a hill!

7. Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing might take a bit of practice in order to get the footing correct and adjust to one's own balance, but it's worth it for all the fun it entails.

Snowshoeing is a great, relaxing way to explore nature and appreciate all of the sights and sounds of the winter, and it's a great recreational option for those who aren't looking for something that can be strenuous, such as winter hiking, skiing, or snowboarding. Many parks will offer snowshoe rentals for a great price and flat trails make it easy to get familiar with the activity.

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