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Bushka's Kitchen Featured in September Edition of 'Out There Outdoors'!

Bushka's Kitchen Product Reviews in Out There Outdoors

Fall is underway, and we're hitting my favorite season with boots on the ground. I always feel fall weather is best for backpacking! Warm summer-like days and cool, clear evenings. The days still offer enough daylight to get decent mileage in and you can't help but feel a pressing sense of urgency as you hike. The way the earth smells in autumn wafts the scent of change. 

There's some BIG changes coming here at the Kitchen that I'm super excited to share with you.

First is our big push to spreading the news about our utterly delicious freeze-dried meals. But don't just believe my word that Bushka meals are drool worthy. We've been featured in the September issue of Out There Outdoors, and I think the product reviews are a testament to our obsession with quality and taste.

The review focuses on two of our products: the Unstuffed Italian Pepper and the Pork Harvest Bowl.

"The Unstuffed Italian Pepper (by far our best seller to date) ... packs a pleasant, peppery heat, along with a delicious medley of herbs. Even the ground beef tastes well seasoned and of high quality, combining a home-cooked, from-scratch taste with a just-add-water level of ease."

"The Pork Harvest Bowl is another successful culinary experience. The wild rice and pork pair deliciously with roasted Brussels sprouts and caramelized onion, while the balsamic vinegar and hint of orange add a delightfully complex flavor."

You can read the full review here (pg 16) or if you're local to Spokane, WA, you can pick up a copy at one of their distribution locations.

Trip Report

I recently returned from a backpacking trip in Norway where I hiked all over Jotunheimen National Park. The trip was utterly fantastic and even weeks later I'm still struggling to find words that describe how surreal Norway is. 

I'll be sharing a trip report soon describing the route I took and sharing some tips I learned along the way. I highly recommend checking Norway out for a backpacking trip.

Hiking in Jotuneheimen along the Bessegen Ridge Freeze-Dried Food

A Kitchen To Call Our Own

I'm just going to say it... the Bay Area isn't as friendly to startups as it used to be. Rent is expensive, laws are strict, and wages are high. While this is great in so many ways, the flip side is that starting a small business is challenging. One of the biggest challenges the past few months has been finding a commercial kitchen to rent so that Bushka meals can be produced in larger quantities.

The Port Kitchens Oakland

So announcing that we are joining The Port Kitchens is beyond exciting (have I overused the word exciting yet?!)! We're mid-transition from our current location to the new kitchen, and the opportunities for growth here are high.

Bags, Bags, and More Bags

For those who have spoken with me in the past two months, you've probably heard me talk about bags. A lot. Like a lot a lot. Thank you to my friends who never told me to stop talking about the same thing. 

One of the biggest changes that will be happening over the next several weeks is the transition to new packaging that will allow you to rehydrate your Bushka meal directly within the pouch. The packaging will tear into a bowl to offer the easiest eating experience out of a pouch. This also means a new design is on the way, and we'll be selling out all of our inventory with the current packaging.


Thank you to everyone who has supported Bushka's Kitchen! Big things are coming, and I'm pumped to be sharing the journey with all of you.




Bushka's Kitchen provides ready-to-eat, lightweight food for every type of busy lifestyle, whether that's backpacking, traveling, parenting, or just plain ol' business. Browse our nutritious, gourmet food and stock up for your busy life!

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