COVID-19 Impact & Freeze Dried Food Production Timeline

bulk emergency freeze dried food

Let me start by saying I hope you are safe and healthy during these uncertain times. I am writing to assure that everyone in the Bushka family is healthy and in good spirits (and using the lessoned traffic to spend more evenings night hiking. Not all social distancing needs to be done at home!)

Due to increased demand, some meals are currently out of stock or we have limited supply on remaining freeze dried meals. At this time, we are waiting for our next shipment of packaging so we can begin making more freeze dried meal pouches. We thank you for your understanding and patience.

 If you are looking for guidelines on gathering emergency supplies, check out our blog post on creating an At Home Emergency Kit or Grab Bag.

If You've Placed An Order

  1. All orders placed so far will be fulfilled over the next coming business days.
  2. Orders are taking on average 2 to 3 business days longer to fulfill right now. Your order has shipped once you receive a USPS or UPS tracking number. We ask for your patience! 
  3. Our local manufacturer of quinoa pasta is out of stock for the next two weeks (estimated timeline), so if you've placed an order for a Zesty Zoodle we will be in touch to make alternate arrangements


Placing A Future Order

  1. We have released 5 Serving Emergency Kits! These are packaged in mylar bags and are great for families.
  2. Our new packaging arrives in approximately 7 to 10 business days (+/- any shipping delays), and we will be reopening orders for single meal pouches once we have a firm shipping timeline. Check back frequently or email us so that you can be on a communication list.
  3. Once the new packaging arrives, you can order our Just-Add-Water bags for DIY meals.


Getting Outside During COVID-19 

Getting outside and exercising is essential to health, happiness, and mental well-being. 

However, before you hop in the car to go adventuring, take a moment to reflect on your impact to another community. Small mountain and desert communities that act as our gateways to adventure are at risk when non-locals travel into their area. With limited health and social services, residents in gateway communities might need your tourist dollars, but definitely can't afford the Coronavirus some of us may unknowingly carry. If you do plan on travelling, make sure you are 100% self-sufficient - food, water, hand sanitizer/soap, TP, shelter, etc. 

Many of our beloved National Parks are temporarily closing or limiting access until we have a better handle on the virus. This doesn't mean you cannot enjoy the local wonders that are around you! Take to the trails in your local community, go out in your kayak if weather permits, set up the tent in your own backyard. Breathe in, look at the stars, and remember, this too will pass. 


As always, thank you for shopping small and supporting small businesses! We will get through this together ❤️ If you have any questions on our availability or concerns about how we are addressing the virus in our manufacturing, please do not hesitate to reach out

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