3 Tips To Stay Full And Do Fulfilling Work

Freeze-Dried Meals for Busy, Active Professionals!

It's 10am and I've had 3 cups of coffee. During cup #1, my computer crashed and I had to perform a full system restore which cost me one hour. During cup #2, my bank flagged a transaction and I lost twenty minutes on the phone with them. During cup #3, a manufacturer emailed me that her company just planned an impromptu holiday and the deadline we had previously agreed on wouldn't be met. That one only took 5 frustrating minutes to see weeks of negotiations be rendered useless. 

I write all of this not to share gloomy news, but because as I reached for another cup of coffee I realized that I hadn't eaten breakfast yet and I was starting to become pretty hangry. The reason I felt in a slump was because I forgot one of my golden rules: stay full to do fulfilling work! Eating right is key to staying productive!

But eating right can be SO hard, especially as mornings and afternoons become hectic and jam-packed. Setting aside time to eat, let alone go find food if you didn't pack lunch, can seem like a waste of time and that it's better to power through and eat "later". The problem is, "later" gets pushed to "never" and we starve our bodies while still trying to maintain the same level of productivity!! 

As a busy worker, you MUST eat right if you want to be at the top of your game - the #1 installer, the best dog trainer, the most efficient warehouse ops, the fastest coder, or the most diligent engineer. You can't be the best if you are hungry and thinking about your stomach rather than the task at hand.

Here are 3 food tips you can incorporate into your busy life to reduce the number of times you skip or delay a meal!

#1: Veggie Grab Bags 

This is a simple, yet effective way to increase your vegetable consumption without having to do much work, and this is especially great if your job has you on the go or your feet often, like truck drivers, construction installers, and nurses. No matter what your job is, you can absolutely benefit from adding fresh, non processed vegetables into your diet!

busy construction worker

To make this successful, dedicate 10 minutes during the evening once or twice a week and prepare several ziplock grab bags at once so that when you are headed out you can easily grab one or two pouches without having to do any prep work at that moment.

My favorite vegetables to include in grab bags are:

  • cucumbers
  • cherry tomatoes
  • celery
  • cauliflower 
  • broccoli
  • parsnip
  • carrots
  • beets

Because we have access to so many vegetables year round, you can pick and choose different ones each week to keep the packs varied and interesting! So next time you need a small bite, grab one of these instead of a processed snack filled with salts and sugars.

 #2: Mason Jar Breakfasts

I love mason jar breakfasts as you can make so many of these at once and store them in your pantry without fear of them spoiling immediately. 

Simply buy some quick oats and fun toppings, such as coconut, dried fruits, nuts, and seeds! Portion out the oats and toppings into individual mason jars! That's it!

You have a ready to eat breakfast without any of the added sugar found in most oatmeal bowls. Plus, if you have a little extra time you can dry your own fruits and always have your favorites to use!

There are so many recipes and ideas so get that creative juice flowing to keep them fun and interesting!

#3: Freeze-Dried Food For Convenience Meals

Freeze-dried meals are easy to integrate into your routine because of their uber long shelf life and the fact that they are already cooked.

Freeze Dried Ready To Eat Meal for Office WorkersSince they have a long expiration date, you can stash a supply in your car, your desk, or your pantry so that you always have them on hand. This way, if your workday becomes too busy, you know you have a healthy meal that you don't need to prepare or go stand in a line for. And since freeze-dried meals are already cooked, you only need to add hot water to have a home-style cooked meal in minutes. Use your office hot water dispenser, make a pit stop at a gas station for hot water, or use your home kettle to boil water. Don't go hungry when it's so easy to have a ready meal in minutes.


Convenience Food The Right Way

Convenience has become an important deciding factor for many working professionals when evaluating breakfast and lunch options, and many people skip a meal because they are too busy or running late or behind on tasks. This means for companies like mine who provide healthy options, we need to focus on how our meals can accommodate a busy schedule while still being a 10/10 for nutrition and taste! 

I firmly believe that you shouldn't have to choose between a convenient quick meal and a healthy meal! If you are truly want to be your very best at all times and as productive as you can be, don't fill your belly with salty, greasy takeout. You need vitamins and minerals that only come from whole grains, fruits and vegetables. 


Bushka's Kitchen provides ready-to-eat, lightweight food for every type of busy lifestyle, whether that's backpacking, traveling, parenting, or a busy active life. Browse our nutritious, gourmet food and stock up for your busy life!

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