Gluten Free Freeze Dried Food

gluten free freeze dried food for backpacking

I’m often asked if Bushka’s Kitchen freeze dried meals are gluten free, and I decided to try to explain in more detail here so that if you have Celiac disease, are gluten intolerant, or choose to eat a gluten free or minimal gluten diet you can make a more informed decision on whether our freeze dried food is a good choice for your nutrition needs.

Are our meals gluten free? Yes… and no. If you choose to avoid gluten from a lifestyle choice and not from a dietary restriction, then you shouldn’t have any issue eating our meals.

The short answer is besides the soy sauce used in the Hearty Harvest, our meals are gluten free from an ingredient perspective. We do not use any whole wheat or grains that have gluten. View products with non gluten ingredients.  

Now, the longer answer!

Bushka’s Kitchen does not operate in a gluten free facility. We rent space in a shared commercial kitchen meaning our space is a multi-tenant kitchen. While all of our products are cooked and dried on our own equipment and our ingredients are locked away in a separate storage container, we cannot control what ingredients other chefs in our shared kitchen use. And for full transparency, a separate floor of the kitchen contains a full-scale bakery where pasta, baked goods, etc. are made from scratch. So it's not a gluten free environment and there's always the chance (for example) a baker walks by as we are prepping our dishes and somehow poofs some flour into the air which, unnoticeable to the eye, settles onto our prep station and thus a gluten contamination happens. We do absolutely everything in our power to make sure this doesn't happen, and while it’s a miniscule chance this type of scenario would occur, the reality is that this could happen and we are not able to guarantee our products are gluten free.


I hope this information helps clarify on the gluten free nature of our products!


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