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gourmet freeze dried meals for backpacking camping hunting by Bushka's Kitchen

So many emotions run through me when Bushka's Kitchen is ready to release another set of freeze dried meals!

Exciting... Daunting... Grateful... Stressful... Proud!

It's amazing how something can make you feel so much at once!

The Story Behind The Meals

Each of these three dishes brings something unique to the existing Bushka menu. 

Last fall, I kept running into the challenge of having a quick, no heat meal for long day hikes or on camping/backpacking trips where I didn't want to boil water. This led to the formulation of our Lentil Lunch, a cold soaked veggie powerhouse. 

Similarly, while on a road trip last year, I kept craving buttery mashed potatoes. That quintessential feel good pick me up meal. This craving resulted in our Hunter's Pie - creamy mashed potatoes and vegetables with New Zealand sourced ground venison. 

And honestly, the mashed potatoes are so freakin' delicious that they deserved to be a stand alone side to complement our vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes. Either eat them as breakfast (guilty), eat as a snack (also guilty), or eat as part of a dinner (yep, still guilty! I love these so much!)

Vegan Freeze Dried Meal for Backpacking and Camping

Lentil Lunch

freeze dried meal with ground venison

Hunter's Pie

 freeze dried mashed potatoes

Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Cold-Soaked Veggie and Fiber powerhouse! Lentils paired with a Sweet, yet Tangy Dill Vinaigrette, Cucumbers, Chunked Apple, Onion, and Bell Pepper.

600 calories, 29g Protein, 1 Serving


Regular Price: $10.49

Stick to your ribs delicious! Savory ground venison combined with our creamy mashed potatoes and topped with vegetables.

780 calories, 33g Protein, 1 Serving

Carnivore; Contains Dairy

Regular Price: $12.99

 Decadence in a bag! Velvety mashed potatoes made with cream, butter, and red potatoes (with skin left on!)

(Per Serving) 360 calories, 4g Protein, 2 Servings

Contains Dairy

Regular Price: $7.99


Why We Are Asking For Pre Orders!

With every meal we release, we introduce new complexity into our supply chain, inventory management, and production. Since we perform all production in house, producing a single pouch is very labor intensive with the most manual aspect being the weighing of each ingredient per pouch.

Each pouch is hand filled which limits how many pouches we can package in a single day. As we've grown, this process has increasingly become a bottleneck in our production. This is why we are asking for your help in launching these new dishes!

A portion of all pre-sales will go towards purchasing equipment to help automate this process!

If you've enjoyed one of our previous dishes, then please consider supporting our newest releases!

My goal with Bushka's Kitchen has always been to produce real, delicious food that can be enjoyed outside anytime and anywhere with minimal prep or wait time.

Thank you for letting Bushka meals be part of your adventures!

Stay healthy, stay safe ❤️

~ Deana

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