How To Eat A Bushka Meal

Minimally Processed Freeze Dried Food

Eating a Bushka meal is as simple as it gets!

We've designed our pouches to replicate bowls for the ultimate eating experience.

If you're like me, you probably either forget or don't have a long spoon that reaches the bottom of most dried food pouches. Or, you're sometimes eating in a rush, don't have the time to give your hands a scrub, and you're squishing your hand into your food pouch touching all over the inside of what you're eating from AND getting food on your hand. Nice.

Introducing.... The Bowl Bag!

best freeze dried food to eatFear no more! We've designed around that problem! Introducing (**drumroll please**) the double notch on the Bushka bags, or as we call it, the Bowl Bag! No longer worry about whether or not your spoon can reach the bottom of the pouch or about your hand becoming gross and sticky (yuck!) With the second tear notch, you can reduce the bag height and turn the pouch into a bowl.










While there are many options on how to rehydrate your Bushka meal, the most common is adding water directly to the pouch. 

First - Open the pouch and add hot water

Tear the pouch open using the first tear notch closest to the top edge. Before sealing our bags, we place an oxygen absorber at the very top. Make sure you remove that before adding the water to your pouch! Sometimes the oxygen absorber can be tricky to find, squish the meal to break it up if that's the case and you should easily see it then.

Add Hot Water To Freeze Dried Food

Once the oxygen absorber is removed, add hot water to your desired level. Each meal has a suggested water amount, but feel free to add more or less depending on your taste. If you add less water than we suggest, we do recommend drinking a cup of water after the meal.

Our bags are BPA-free and perfectly safe to eat from after adding hot water. We recommend placing the bag on a flat surface when adding the water as the pouch can become a little hot to the touch depending on your water temperature.

Second - Seal the pouch

Right above the meal name is a zipper which you can use to seal the pouch to let the ingredients rehydrate (or if you're like me and you move around a lot, zip it up so you don't know the pouch over and spill your dinner!)

While you can begin eating the meal as soon as you add hot water, we recommend stirring and waiting 3 minutes to let all of the ingredients fully rehydrate so that nothing is crunchy. I personally enjoy crunchy quinoa so I eat the Unstuffed Pepper as soon as I add the hot water and give it a good mix to get everything nice and saucy! 

best freeze dried breakfast for quick mornings

The longer you wait to eat, the more the water will be absorbed. For the Citrus Morning Bowl, the longer you let the water absorb, the more pudding like the texture will become. 

Third - Turn the pouch into the bowl!

This is where the magic happens. When you're ready to eat, use the second tear notch located below the meal name to tear off the top of the packaging and make the pouch into a bowl! 

Now, no matter what your utensil length is, you can reach all the food at the bottom of the pouch without getting your hand dirty! Win win. 

(you can also open the pouch back up and eat without turning it into a bowl. It's really up to you!)

turn freeze dried food into bowl


That's it folks! At this point, you should be enjoying a delicious, breakfast lunch or dinner.

minimally processed freeze dried food



Bushka's Kitchen provides ready-to-eat, lightweight freeze dried food for every type of busy lifestyle, whether that's backpacking, traveling, parenting, or an active life. Browse our nutritious, gourmet food and stock up for your busy life!

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