Pre-order and save 10% on our Newest Freeze Dried Meals!

freeze dried food for thruhiking trails

Pre-order and save 10% on our two newest freeze dried dishes.

Our Cranberry Rice Pudding (vegan; dessert) and Sweet Potato Mash (vegan; side dish) are available for pre-order from now until January 24! 

Both of these dishes feed two! Plenty of food to share or to enjoy solo as a single feast.

Cranberry Rice Pudding

Cinnamon spiced and everything nice! This isn't your regular ol' rice pudding! We've taken rice pudding and put our little twist on it, combining warm spices, real Vermont maple syrup, and brown basmati rice; this hearty combo is topped with tart cranberries for balance.

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freeze dried rice pudding

We've chosen brown basmati rice instead of the traditional Arborio rice or short grain white rice because of basmati's natural fragrance and because this rice has more fiber and protein than Arborio or white rice. 

Since we use a long grain brown rice, you might find our rice pudding has a different texture than other store bought varieties! Indeed, the extra chewiness and firm texture from the brown rice lends to the heartiness of this dish! 

happy hiker enjoying freeze dried rice pudding bushka's kitchen





And, since we wanted this dish to be enjoyed by as many as possible, we opted to keep this dessert vegan and use coconut milk instead of the traditional cow milk. 

Nothing beats dessert after a long day on the trail! Or, if you have a sweet tooth, indulge your morning sugar craving ;) 


Compare the protein, fiber, and calories in brown basmati rice, Arborio rice, and a (random) white rice.

Brown Basmati Rice nutrient info (USDA)

Arborio Rice nutrient info (USDA)


White Rice nutrient info

brown basmati rice nutrition panel arborio rice nutrition panel arborio rice nutrition panel


Ingredients in Bushka's Kitchen Rice Pudding:

Organic Coconut Milk (Water, Organic Coconut), Brown Basmati Rice, Maple Syrup, Cranberry, Vanilla Extract (Vanilla Bean, Alcohol* 3.8%, 
Water, and Sugar (unrefined cane sugar)), Cinnamon, Fennel, Cloves

*Alcohol is from 100% sugar cane alcohol.

Calories (Single Serving): 230

Calories (Pouch/Double Serving): 460

Sweet Potato Mash

Just that little something extra you need after a long day. Our freeze dried sweet potato mash combines all the flavors you love - cinnamon, clove, real Vermont maple syrup - in a portion that fills you up or is shareable! 

Eat this as a side dish, combine with another full sized entree for an extra filling meal, or use as a base for your DIY ready to eat meals.

We wanted to craft a versatile side dish and this goal led us to releasing a Sweet Potato Mash as our first side dish. Hearty in calories but light in weight, this dish is perfect to eat as a little something extra if you need extra calories after a long day or to combine into another full sized entree as a calorie boost.

But, what makes us most proud? That this can also be used as a base for DIY dishes that you craft at home. Our just-add-hot-water bags have been a hot seller since we added them to the site, and we're thrilled to now have a dish that can serve as a base for stews, chilis, and more! We've kept this vegan as well so that all can enjoy!

Pre-order you Sweet Potato Mash!

Ingredients in Bushka's Kitchen Sweet Potato Mash

Sweet Potato, Maple Syrup, Salt, Cinnamon, Cloves

Calories (Single Serving): 250

Calories (Pouch/Double Serving): 500


Happy trails and happy eats!


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