what is the difference between freeze dried and dehydrated food

Freeze Dried Food vs Dehydrated Food... Wait, they're different?!

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best delicious dehydrated food ramen

Freeze-Dried Food and the Not Quite Like Ramen Analogy

“Freeze-dried food... you mean like ramen?” is the question I'm often met with when I tell friends, family, and strangers that I make freeze-dried meals and snacks. To me, drying single ingredients or whole meals is simply a different form of bulk food prepping. I've been bulk prepping meals for years; as a busy professional with way too many hobbies, I often don't have the time to prepare a unique dinner each night, and instead I make one to two massive dinners on Sunday night that will last me the entire week. So instead of getting home and either frantically trying to make food as my stomach screams in protest or giving in to immediate gratification and sacrificing healthy for convenience by ordering another Uber eats takeout, I can instead portion out a single serving, pop into the microwave or heat on the stovetop, and then have a meal ready to eat in five minutes or less.

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