The 10 Essentials - 10 Items you should always pack for any adventure

The 10 Essentials - 10 Items you should always pack for any adventure

Making sure you're prepared for any mishap during an adventure is the first step to a successful adventure, and there are 10 items that you should always make sure that you pack while you head out. Here are the 10 essentials, 10 items you should always pack for any adventure: 

The 10 Essentials: 

1. Navigation:

This can come in a form of paper or digital map, compass, altimeter, GPS device, satellite communicator or personal locator beacon. 

2. First-Aid: 

Carrying a first-aid kit on the trail is super important, especially if any injury were to happen. You can buy pre-built medical kits from somewhere like Adventure Medical Kits, and they come with a book that provides step by steps on how to treat wounds and injuries in the outdoors.

3. A Knife: 

Don't forget a knife sheath, and a gear repair kit! 

4. Headlamp: 

Even if you're just planning a simple day hike, incase you are stranded in the dark, make sure you have a headlamp to light your way. Don't forget extra batteries, either!

5. Sun Protection: 

Heat stroke is a major risk in the summer, and can be all-year round dependant on where you're hiking. Make sure you always pack sunglasses, a hat, SPF lip balm, high SPF sun protection and UVA/UVB protective clothing.

6. Fire:

Incase you need to create a source of heat, always remember to pack along matches, a lighter, tinder and/or a stove.

7. Shelter:

This should be carried at all times, especially when doing winter adventuring. It can be simple as a packable emergency bivy or blanket, or your tent if you are going backcountry camping. 

8. Extra Food:

Always bring 2-3 meals and additional snacks beyond the minimum expectation. You can purchase freeze-dried meals by clicking here! 

9. Extra Water:

Or instant filter AND emergency purification tabs. Keep in mind, these tabs can take up to 4 hours for the water to be drinkable. Make sure you do your research and pick a product that works for you, as well as doing your research on the trail beforehand to figure out what the water sources will be like along your route! Keep in mind the time of year you are going could affect water availability - later in the season, you will see more waterbeds dried up. 

10. Extra Clothing: 

Layers, layers, layers! Always make sure to pack extra layers for warmth, or incase clothing gets wet, especially socks. Merino Wool is your best option for temperature regulating, sweat wicking and overall quality hiking material. 

Thank-you for reading our 10 essentials. These are 10 items you should always pack with you on any adventure. What are some other items you always make sure to pack with you?

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