Why We're Releasing Trail Snack Pouches!

Freeze dried trail snacks

You, our amazing community of hikers, bikers, climbers, rowers, towers, and all-together outdoor goers, have told us that you love what we at Bushka’s Kitchen have created and you want more. You want more entrees (to come), and you want more snacks to complement your meals and fuel your adventures. Today we are delivering. Our first new creations of 2022 are launching now, and we’ve got snacks! High quality, calorie-worthy, filling, and delicious snacks

So why are we releasing snacks?

First, we polled our community over the summer of 2021, and while more meat entrees came in as the #1 request (we're working on it!), ready to eat, no water snacks came in at #2, and specifically dried fruit and dried cheese were requested over and over again.  

(Banana Bites featured below.)

Freeze Dried Banana Bites

Second, I reflected on how I eat lunch on backpacking trips and on how I refuel during long day hikes and I recognized that I too, craved more real food that needed little to no prep for consumption. 

On backpacking trips, my lunch usually consists of home made jerky, home made dried pound cake or dried muffins, dried fruit, and a single serve peanut butter packet.

Know what's missing? Fat!

Fat is an excellent energy source! While carbs and sugars are great at that instant boost (and should definitely be included in your trail diet), fats also play an important role in giving you energy for endurance, stamina, and really that push up the mountain when you kinda just want to sit down. This is why we released three different Cheese Bites.

Monterey Jack Cheese Bites are a true California original with a mild flavor, perfect for a sensitive or young pallet. 

Our Pepper Jack Cheese Bites have a snappy mix of pepper and herbs, resulting in a zippy, peppery flavor. 

Cheddar Cheese Bites offer a well-rounded, dare we say, perfect cheddar flavor to complement any other snacks or meals on trail.


Freeze Dried Cheese

(From left to right: Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Monterey Jack.)

Our Banana Bites were born from my love of dried fruit and my desire to have a better way to enjoy my peanut butter! Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and have long been a favorite snack of athletes. 

This is just the beginning of our snack line. As always, we value your feedback as we strive to put out meals and snacks to fuel your wild! If you have a hankering for other dried fruits or other ready to eat trail snacks, let us know!

Happy trails!

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