Just Add Water Bags for Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Food

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These resealable pouches are perfect for creating your own ready to eat meals! These bags have an excellent barrier against oxygen and moisture so that you food stays fresh long! 

Whether you make jerky, dried fruit, or full on meals, these pouches are ready for the toughest adventures! 

Use a permanent marker to write a description of your dried food on the front or back of the pouch!

Buy by the single, ten, or fifty.

Pouch Details:

  • Gloss exterior with metalized interior
  • bag size: 7.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide with a 4 inch bottom gusset
  • bag quantity: single meal
  • bag weight: 14 grams

Pouch Uses:

  • approved for food contact
  • approved for use with boiling water
  • resealable 
  • two tear notches
  • gusseted bottom
  • BPA free

ALERT! Do not submerge bag into boiling water. Pour boiling water into the bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
BeBe Allen
Make your own meal bags

Purchased these bags previously and loved them for storing half of the Bushka's pouch meals and sides for 2 meals per pouches while backpack camping depending on the trekking miles. I also use them for making my own meals from dehydrating and have found no other cook in bags that last as long! These bags also make it easier to swap meals with trail mates when needing something different to try. Lost quite a few bags that way but I know Bushka's got it in the bag! For all you Peppers who use #10 cans of foods these are PERFECT for breaking down your servings for individual meals and pack easily in your BOB. Highly Recommend for your favorite foods cook and eat in the bag!

Chris Loomis

I had two of these on my venture into the Rocky Mountains last week. This is the most delicious backpacking food I have ever eaten! Buy it, you’ll love it!


Amy Horn
Love the bags

These bags were perfect on our canoeing trip when we made our own dehydrated meals!

Samantha Christopher
Best bags ever

I have been ordering from this company since 2020. Their product is always top notch and they ship quickly. These bags are great for homemade dehydrated meals and have made my backpacking experience so much better! If I could give 10 stars on this product, I would.

Very useful for DIY-ers

I have used these bags to hold homemade meals for backpacking and they have worked well for me.

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