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Creamy Mashed Potatoes (Serves 2)

Serves two! Say goodbye to boring, dry instant potatoes and hello to our velvety smooth, creamy mashed potatoes. We start with whole, red potatoes and gently boil them until done. Next, we mash them, leaving the skins on, and combine the potatoes with butter, cream, salt and pepper. These potatoes are melt-in-your-mouth delicious as a side or a perfect complement to any other dish.

Serve by adding 12 to 16 oz of boiling water (less water will give you thicker mashed potatoes.) Enjoy!

Allergens: Milk


Potatoes, Cream, Butter, Salt, Pepper

Calories (single serving): 360

Calories (pouch): 720

Protein (single serving): 4g

Carbs (single serving): 36g (4g Fiber)

Fat (single serving): 21g

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Yummy, yummy good. Slam dunk, just simply great. My wife and I both love this. What's great about this is that it is not overly sweetened, or seasoned. BVery subtle, and so it tastes like real mashed potatoes. It does not have that "free dried" kind of taste at all. We wish the sweet potato mash you guys make was as subtly flavored as this dish!

Ian Kaplan (& wife)
Can’t Stop Consuming

Why are these the best potatoes on the planet? Bushka has done it again with the ridiculous sweet scrumptious goodness that is usually just basic potato. Thank you Bushka, these are a mandatory staple in our hunting party. The absolute best.

Jennifer Balch
Tasty but too peppery

I would love to give these potatoes a 5-star rating because the potatoes themselves tasted really good. Unfortunately, they were overpowered by an excessive amount of black pepper, so much so that my mouth was burning after only a couple of bites and the heat lingered. Not at all what I'm looking for in mashed potatoes. If they'd cut back on the pepper I'd be a big fan.

So Good!

My son and I enjoyed the peppery taste and great balance of mashed and chunked potatoes! Went well with the other side we had. Most definitely would recommend it! 💚

Perfect Base for Any Meal

This is the perfect base to start a meal with. Nice and easy to use the creamy potatoes and then add my own ingredients in to make it a full meal. They're so creamy you can't go wrong!

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