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Cranberry Rice Pudding (Serves 2)

Feeds two! Cinnamon spiced and everything nice! This isn't your regular ol' rice pudding! We've taken rice pudding and put our little twist on it, combining warm spices, real Vermont maple syrup, and brown basmati rice; this hearty combo is topped with tart cranberries for balance.

Dessert is served by adding 10oz of boiling water to the pouch. Enjoy!

Allergens: Coconut


Organic Coconut Milk (Water, Organic Coconut), Brown Basmati Rice,
Maple Syrup, Cranberry, Vanilla Extract (Vanilla Bean, Alcohol* 3.8%,
Water, and Sugar (unrefined cane sugar)), Cinnamon, Fennel, Cloves

*Alcohol is from 100% sugar cane alcohol.

Calories (Single Serving): 230

Calories (Pouch/Double Serving): 460

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stephen Jensen
So good!

I was really surprised by the flavors of this dish. It is so good! The spices are just right to make it really interesting. Great for dessert, breakfast, snack. Definitely will buy again.

Angela Oliver
Rice Pudding

Tastes great but like other reviewers found the recommended water amount too much. I've found this to be the case with the other meals as well. I'd probably do only 6 or 8 oz of water next time ...

Gary Schoonmaker
Rice Pudding

This was not like any rice pudding I have ever had before, it was runny and watery. the taste was at best OK...

Melissa Marcucci

Sitting down, exhausted, looking out at Thousand Island lakes and Banner Peak as the sun was setting, and being handed a warm bowl of this rice pudding made our trip unforgettable. I LOVE the different style rice pudding than what "America" deems is rice pudding. The world has so many amazing cuisines to offer and I'm so glad we got to experience that at 10,000 feet!

Larry White
Too much water?

My experience was that 12 ounces of water made it more like a soup than a pudding. So I strained each bite with my spoon against the bowl and I could tell it would have been a pretty good pudding. However both my wife and I found the brown Basmati rice to be rather crunchy. She was fine with it because she likes brown rice. I just let it sit for a while longer to try to get more of a pudding texture but I didn't. I might sound like a spoiled Westerner, but a version of this with long grain, unbleached white rice would be great. What if you added some Tapioca to it to make it more creamy?

Hi Larry, did you add 12 oz or 10 oz (package instructions are 10). It could be that you added too much water to the pouch unless that's a typo. Thank you for the suggestions, and I will definitely look into that.

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