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Just Add Water Bags for Dehydrated or Freeze Dried Food

These resealable pouches are perfect for creating your own ready to eat meals! These bags have an excellent barrier against oxygen and moisture so that you food stays fresh long! 

Whether you make jerky, dried fruit, or full on meals, these pouches are ready for the toughest adventures! 

Use a permanent marker to write a description of your dried food on the front or back of the pouch!

Buy by the single, ten, or fifty.

Pouch Details:

  • Gloss exterior with metalized interior
  • bag size: 7.5 inches tall by 8 inches wide with a 4 inch bottom gusset
  • bag quantity: single meal
  • bag weight: 14 grams

Pouch Uses:

  • approved for food contact
  • approved for use with boiling water
  • resealable 
  • two tear notches
  • gusseted bottom
  • BPA free

ALERT! Do not submerge bag into boiling water. Pour boiling water into the bag.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Work perfectly

Ordered these because I don't like to cook on the trail and I didn't like pouring boiling water into plastic baggies, so these seemed like the perfect solution and they are. Due to massive amounts of food allergies & sensitivities I have to make my own meals for backpacking. Loved the fact that I could write what was in them with a Sharpie, which didn't rub off. On a short backpacking trip, just 2 nights in the woods, I ate 6 meals leftover from last year's food dehydrating and meal prep and they were still very tasty and fresh. Getting ready to order another batch of these bags to start packing up meals from this year's adventures

Scott K.H.
Excellent performance from these bags

They worked just as promised.
Mine easily held two servings of Mtn. House food and the necessary water.
They sealed easily and securely. The base expands to allow the food bag to stand safely on its own.
Washed them out by hand for re-use.

Jeremy Bell
Great product

While i havnt used them yet these are going to allow me to dehydrate healthy meals and maintain my lifestyle while on the trails

Harasha, Brian
Awesome Bags

I used to reuse bags from other brands to make my own backpacking meals. I recently used Bushka’s bags on my last trek. They work perfectly! Perfect size and shape to eat meals right out of the bag. I highly recommend! Super stoked to have them!

Komal Sanjeev
Lightweight, perfect!

These are perfect for using with your own custom dehydrated meals. Also very lightweight!

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