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Hunter's Pie with Ground Venison

Vanquish hunger and satisfy your taste buds! This is traditional rib-sticking comfort food that you'll crave over and over again. Savory ground venison sautéed with onions, mushrooms, and aromatic herbs are combined with the most decadent, creamy potatoes (skins left on!). But don't worry, you'll still get your serving of veggies with peas and carrots. 

Enjoy the mashed potatoes? Buy them as a side dish!

Backcountry food never tasted so good!

Eat up by adding 14 to 16 oz of boiling water (less water will give you thicker mashed potatoes.) Enjoy!

Save 10% when you purchase by the case.

Allergens: Milk


Potatoes, Ground Venison, Vegetable Broth*, Cream, Onions, P{eas, Carrots, Mushrooms, Cornstarch, Herbs
* = Organic.

Calories: 780

Protein: 33g

Carbs: 76g (13g Fiber)

Fat: 40g

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Excellent Lightweight and Tasty

I was really shocked how much I liked this. I don’t eat that many dehydrated meals but I have occasionally and when I saw this brand it looked worth a try.

Of course some of the textures are affected by the dehydration processes. But the taste was great, and it’s a real complete and hardy meal.

And there’s no junk in the ingredient list.

$12.99 for a complete meal and almost 800 calories. Not a bad deal.

James Augustine
Good stuff...

I'm not a big fan of venison, but this was amazing! Hearty food, real food with so much in there! Very satisfied afterwards. I don't think that I would get sick of this one!

Jeffrey Hlavac
Everyone Loved It.

Just went out on a 4 night trip in the Elkhorn range of the Blue Mountains in NE Oregon with some old friends. The Hunter's Pie was a group favorite and so filling not everyone got through it even after a pretty tough day. Customer service is with this company is exceptional!

Denis Daly
Hunters Pie

I really enjoyed the Meal. Its a reminder sometimes that homestyle comfert food is what you need..I found this tasty that the mashpotatoes and Venison stood out in the meal and the pairing of vegtables peas and carrots just made the meal. To kick it up a notch I just added some seasalt and fresh ground pepper..I can see myself taking this on Hunting trips besides hikes and Thru hiking..

Love it!

I’d never had Bushka’s Kitchen (BK?) before, and I bought a couple of these to try out on overnights. I had one and was really impressed by how great it was - some of the best backpacking food I’ve ever had after 20+ years! I liked it so much I took the second bag again this past weekend and it was just as tasty. I really like that it’s about 750 calories, as after a full day I need that much for dinner. Note that while it is not low-sodium per se, it’s not as salty as most backpacking food, so if you like lots of salt (like me) you might want to bring a packet with you just in case. I’m back to order some more :)

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