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Unstuffed Pepper with Ground Bison

A true Italian classic! This savory meal combines a slow and long simmered tomato sauce, perfectly seasoned ground bison, red peppers, and still slightly crunchy quinoa. Satisfying and Delicious.

To rehydrate, add 10 oz boiling water to the pouch. Enjoy!


Quinoa, Tomato Sauce (San Marzano Tomatoes (San Marzano Whole Peeled Tomatoes, San Marzano Puree, Basil Leaf, Naturally Derived Citric Acid And Salt), Tomato Paste (Tomatoes, Citric Acid), Basil, Sugar, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Oregano, Parsley), Seasoned Ground Bison (Ground Bison, Espresso Sea Salt (Sea Salt, Espresso Beans, Silicon Dioxide (Anti-Caking Agent)), Red Pepper Flakes, Parsley, Garlic Salt (Himalayan Salt, Dehydrated Garlic), Garlic Powder, Oregano, Black Pepper), Red Bell Pepper, Green Onion

Customer Reviews

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Comfort Food While in the Wilderness

I finally got to try the one of Bushka’s Kitchen’s freeze-dried meals on my last backpacking trip. I tried the “Unstuffed Peppers” and absolutely loved this meal. The flavors were delicious, it was easy to prepare, and felt like I was eating comfort food while out in the wilderness. The unstuffed peppers have become my favorite free dried meal of all time so far. I can’t wait to try the rest of their meals on my next backpacking trip coming up.

Pleasant, Peppery Heat

Bringing busy people locally-crafted, healthy food is a worthwhile but lofty goal. But the unstuffed Italian pepper meal lives up to the challenge. It packs a pleasant, peppery heat, along with a delicious medley of herbs. Even the ground beef tastes well seasoned and of high quality, combining a home-cooked, from-scratch taste with a just-add-water level of ease.

So much flavour in such a little bag!

Couldn't be happier with this out on the trail. With only a little hot water it's like you've slaved over a hot stove all day to make a home cooked Italian meal. The tomato sauce is tasty, the beef is nicely spiced and the combination of veggies and quinoa makes it a filling meal after a long day of whatever!

Great item. Highly recommended.

I am a natural sceptic, a foodie and an advanced athlete/ adventurer. Frankly, I was very impressed with every aspect of this product. Its very easy to prepare and eat and there is no compromise on flavor. I like to cook myself so I know what it takes to create and prepare good wholesome foods. Its kind of amazing that with a little hot water this amount of quality can be brought to the dinner table- where ever that may be.
I've used Bushkas Kitchen products after workouts, during long motorcycle rides, and while camping. Its hard to beat the combination of flavor, convenience and price.

Best thing since sliced bread!

This is my ABSOLUTE favorite meal from Bushkas Kitchen! For once, a tomatoe sauce that taste like its homemade and not straight from a can.I could eat this one multiple times a week (in fact I have hehe) Love being able to eat these meals while on the go with the kids. Super tasty, Super satisfying!

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