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Yogurt Bowl (Blueberries and Coconut Granola)

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Our Coconut Granola with Blueberries Yogurt Bowl is so good you’re going to be craving this on AND off the trail. It’s a perfectly filling yet gentle way to get your motor going for the adventure ahead. We present you with a breakfast that’s both light, won’t weigh you down and nutrient dense. Each pouch contains an entire ½ pint of blueberries, certified organic oats, coconut, 100% maple syrup and real yogurt. Fuel up and enjoy it!

Our Yogurt Bowls are so easy to prepare they are almost done before you get out of your sleeping bag. Add a little extra water for a smoother, thinner bowl or less for a chunkier, thicker, stick-to-your ribs vibe.

Add 6 oz of cold water to prepare.

Looking for a less sweet breakfast? Try our Yogurt Bowl with Raspberries and Almond Granola (contains dairy, soy, almond.)

Looking for a dairy free breakfast? Try our Citrus Chia Morning Bowl (contains coconut.)

Calories: 570 | Protein: 21g | Fat: 27g | Carbs: 75g

Ingredients: Dahi Whole Milk Yogurt, Blueberries, Coconut Granola, and a teensy pinch of Brown Sugar

Allergens: Dairy, Coconut

See nutrition panel for a complete list.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tasty but on the lighter side

My husband and I both enjoyed this meal but we both agreed that it is less filling and we needed to supplement this meal with more food at breakfast. Very tangy yogurt taste.


I prefer the raspberry version which is more tart but this is still super delicious. On the sweet side so if you like sweeter breakfasts, this is for you. If you like less sweet, more tart, then order the raspberry.

Absolutely Delicious!

I'm so impressed with the texture of this yogurt bowl. The flavors really come together and the granola is crunchy! I like mine a little thicker so I used less water than directed (I also was not on the trail). These are great even if you're not camping! I purchased more to have on hand for busy work days when I want something quick to eat that is nutritious and satisfying. Highly recommend!

Love the Coconut

I always love a good coconut yogurt but sometimes feel like they taste fake. Having real coconut flakes in the granola and mixed with the blueberries make this a fantastic combination. Just the right amount of blueberries keeps this from being super sweet and lets you taste all the goodness of the granola as well. Would definitely get again for a simple pick-me up in the morning while camping.

I received this meal through the early release taste testing program and can't wait for the next new meals.

So Berry Good!!

Everything about this is fantastic! It's refreshing, and super satisfying. It's is loaded with blueberries and the coconut granola is to die for!! I was expecting the granola to stay nice and crunchy but it surprisingly did! I will be ordering a bunch of these to have on hand, using cold water is a major convenience factor!! Highly highly recommend!

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