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Entrée Bundle


Eager to try every meal? Try them all and save some cash!

The Entrée Bundle includes 1 of each of our freeze dried entrees. The bundle includes one breakfast, three meat entrees, and one vegan entree. Perfect for any adventure!

Save 10% on our full-size, appetizing entrees and enjoy a little bit of everything! 

About the meals...!

Unstuffed Pepper with Bison 

Everyone deserves authentic and delicious Italian food — even in the wild or on the go. This savory, no-hassle meal combines the pure, rich flavors of slow-simmered San Marzanos tomatoes, red bell peppers, green onions, espresso-salted Bison, and hearty quinoa with the perfect amount of crunch. Rounding out the dish are the essentials of Italian cuisine: basil, parsley, oregano and garlic. Mangia bene!

Hearty Harvest with Wild Boar 

Gather ‘round, hunters and gatherers — gourmet wild boar is today’s featured feast. This hearty bowl of provisions is brimming with chunks of seasoned wild boar, creamy mushroom and onion brown basmati rice risotto, chopped apple, and fresh green beans. Butter and a touch of cream elevate this meal to comfort food levels. Just add water — can you believe it?

Contains: Milk

Hunter's Pie with Ground Venison

 Vanquish hunger and satisfy your tastebuds! This is traditional rib-sticking comfort food that you'll crave over and over again. Savory ground venison sauteed with onions, mushrooms, and aromatic herbs are combined with the most decadent, creamy potatoes (skins left on!). But don't worry, you'll still get your serving of veggies with peas and carrots. 

Contains: Milk

Lentil Lunch

Never worry about eating enough veggies in the backcountry when you pack our Lentil Lunch! A cold-soaked plant-based fiber powerhouse! Lentils paired with a sweet, yet tangy, dill vinaigrette, fresh cucumbers, bell pepper, red onion and slightly sweetened with fresh chunked apples and apple juice! Aromatic and delicious! Enjoy as a cold (or hot) lunch/dinner or split as part of a breakfast. The options are limitless. 

Citrus Chia Morning

Times change, but eating a nutritious breakfast will always be your ticket to a more productive and enjoyable day. This bowl is that breakfast: banana-coconut-citrus-infused chia seed pudding topped with pineapple, kiwi, unsweetened coconut flakes, and a touch of vanilla. It’s ultra-yummy and packed with just enough healthy fibers and fats to activate your body’s energy reserves.

Contains: Coconut


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Paul Hammonds
Venison! Venison! Venison!

Limited amount of water. Limited amount of wait time preparation. Good abs fast service. I'm hooked with another order.

William J Giberson
Very Good Indeed!

Finally getting around to testing and tasting your Hunter's Pie meal. Bravo! Overall it was very good in flavor and texture. I especially enjoyed the peas, onions, and the venison throughout the tasty potatoes. It was a most satisfying experience for a trail food. At my 79 years with many backpacking days and miles under my belt, this was the best I have tasted yet!

Not bad

These things for what they are, are not bad. I was expecting really bland food but there is a lot of flavor. I still have some types to try but so far they have been pretty good.

Gabe Bradford
Hunter's Pie

Delicious. Happy with ingredients and it was tasty. Rehydrated 8 minutes at 10,000 and it was perfect. Can't wait to try the other items.

James Mathers
First time with Bushka's

I use a variety of meals for backpacking and was happy with my first "operational test" of this food on a two night hike. Tried a dinner and a breakfast entree and both tasted good and provided decent calories without a lot of extra sodium. I also appreciated the short time to prepare, only about three minutes from adding water to consumption. The food is a little pricey, but the free shipping was a plus. Tried the hearty harvest and the morning chia.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and for giving our dishes a try! We hope you enjoy the rest of the dishes in the Bundler too!

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