Zesty Zoodles in Avocado Sauce


Welcome to delicious vegan cuisine done right: generous portions of quinoa pasta tossed with zucchini and topped with a heavenly avocado sauce and sweet cherry tomatoes. A few dashes of fresh lemon and lime juice add some citrusy zest. You don’t have to be vegan to rejoice in this bright, refreshing, and simple meal. It’s wholesome fare that won’t drag you down!

To eat, add 10 oz boiling water to the pouch. Bon appetit


Zucchini, Avocado Sauce (Avocado, Green Onion, Fresh Lemon Juice, Parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Lime Juice, Garlic Salt (Himalayan Salt, Dehydrated Garlic), Garlic, Black Pepper), Tomato, Quinoa Pasta (White Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour)


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Phenomenal Backpacking Meal

Really enjoyed this meal after a long day on trail ... the flavors were great and fresh tasting and I added a lemon pepper chicken packet to help boost the protein. Definitely will be re-ordering this for future backpacking meals!

Yummy meal - Creamy and tasty

Really enjoyed this meal. Got to the bottom of the bag too quickly though. :(

- Ready to eat sooo quickly. Makes me realize I would have a hard time waiting for other companies' meals to sit for 15-20 minutes
- VEGAN! Simple, healthy ingredients without strange additives
- Nice creamy consistency because of the avocado
- Texture of the noodles tasted good to me (it might seem like a different texture if you're not used to quinoa or gluten-free pasta noodles)

- Pricey for a one serving meal.
- The tangy-ness is almost a bit acidic, probably because of the veggies and avocado in the sauce.I recommend adding some parmesan cheese if you're not vegan or lactose intolerant.
- Wish there were a line that showed how much water to add to the bag. I had a JetBoil with a measuring cup so that helped.

Overall a great vegan, gluten-free, easy and quick to make trail meal. If they ever go on sale I will happily buy a few more of these to keep on hand. At the current price I'll probably only buy a couple more to save as a backcountry treat.

Great Flavor Chewy Noodles

Love the tangy flavor. So much that I overcame the disappointment of the noodles being chewy like rubber. I even let the package set for 10 minutes instead of 3 and they were still chewy. It didn't deter me though as I ate the whole thing.

So happy you enjoyed! Quinoa pasta is much chewier than wheat flour noodles, and the texture can be surprising if you haven't had them before! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Out on the town with Zesty Zoodles

Wow!! I took myself out for dinner on Saturday - broke into my Zesty Zoodles! With restaurants shuttered and a certain boredom setting in with my own cooking, I decided to break into my package of Zesty Zoodles. What a treat! The seasoning is most appealing, the mixed texture of pasta, zucchini and the other bits very satisfying, and all in just the right quantity. I love that there are no additives, and no dishes after!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! I am so happy you enjoyed!

Amazing vegan pasta

Love these Zesty Noods and the fact it is vegan and gluten free! The sauce is lemony and is packed with tons of veggies which is one of the things I miss in the backcountry. It filled me up and was totally satisfying! You can finally eat a delicious vegan meal in the backcountry!

So happy you enjoyed the zesty-ness of the dish and the yummy citrus flavors!

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