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Yogurt Bowl (Raspberries and Almond Granola)

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Our Chocolate Almond Granola with Raspberries Yogurt Bowl is so good you’re going to be craving this on AND off the trail. It’s a perfectly filling yet gentle way to get your motor going for the adventure ahead. We present you with a breakfast that’s both light, won’t weigh you down and nutrient dense. Each pouch contains an entire ½ pint of berries, delicious almond granola, organic chocolate chips, 100% pure maple syrup and yogurt. REAL yogurt. REAL creamy yogurt!  We aren’t messin’ around.

Our Yogurt Bowls are so easy to prepare they are almost done before you get out of your sleeping bag. Add a little extra water for a smoother, thinner bowl or less for a chunkier, thicker, stick-to-your ribs vibe.

Add 6 oz of cold water to prepare.

Looking for a sweeter breakfast? Try our Yogurt Bowl with Blueberries and Coconut Granola (contains dairy, coconut.)

Looking for a dairy free breakfast? Try our Citrus Chia Morning Bowl (contains coconut.)

Calories: 550 | Protein: 20g | Fat: 25g | Carbs: 68g

Ingredients: Dahi Whole Milk Yogurt, Raspberries, Chocolate Almond Granola, and a teensy pinch of Brown Sugar

Allergens: Dairy, Almond, Soy

See nutrition panel for a complete list.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Yummy, yogurty & on the lighter side

I enjoy this flavor after sampling it twice on two backpacking trips in Washington state. It does have a real tangy yogurt flavor and nice texture- it’s magical for me, a true yogurt lover! However I did find this to be a less filling meal and ate more food to supplement this meal to feel full and ready for a strenuous day.

The best traveling breakfast

Honestly, since trying the first time this summer, I cannot get enough!! I think the bowl is very well balanced and I love the raspberry + almond granola combo. I keep having to restock because I kept eating them at home and not just when I was hiking or on the road traveling!

Wow this was so refreshing and the raspberries tasted freshly picked

This dish was so refreshing and delicious! The raspberries tasted so good that I would have sworn they were fresh picked if someone had served me this at their place for breakfast. The chocolate taste balanced nicely with the yogurt and berries for a perfect flavor palate! I'm not a fan of oatmeal so I'm always on the hunt for better breakfasts that not only fill you up but provide a delicious meal to get you ready to go for the day. I can't wait to bring this meal on my next overnight adventure.


I ate these for a little dessert and to boost my calorie count for the day. Not too sweet, nice flavor. Works great with cold water making it super easy.

Kids love it. Me too.

So good! Tary, yummy, filling. It is a hit with everyone in my family. Best breakfasts we've found are Babuska.

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