Referify & Affiliate Program

We're thrilled that you have chosen us as an affiliate partner! To facilitate the smoothest possible experience, we power our affiliate program using Referify

Referify is a simple to use online portal that allows you to generate affiliate codes, track your referral sales, and request payment!

A few high level details about our affiliate program:

Overview of Referify:

You can access your Referify portal by logging in here.

Once logged in, your Dashboard will show you an overview of activity generated by your affiliate links.

The Sources tab lets you generate custom links. You can either use the "Your Custom Link" by adding that onto URLS or select the Create URL button which allows you to paste a Bushka's Kitchen URL and have an affiliate URL automatically generated.

The Sources tab also contains the link to access the Media Library. In the Media Library, you will find all of the assets that you can use to help promote Bushka products!


When you click the Create URL button, a popup appears for you to paste a URL; this will automatically generate a new URL with your affiliate code appended to the end. Easy peasy!!


In the Conversions tab, you can request a payout at anytime! Otherwise, payouts automatically happen every 7 days.

It's also worth pointing out the Support tab. Here, you will find a chat feature where you can send the Bushka's Kitchen team questions and have all of the communication logged for easy reference :)


And finally, in order to finalize your account, head over to the Settings tab, where you can document your information such as timezone, email address, and PayPal information! This is important because we can't pay you if you don't provide that information!!! 

You can also control when and why you are notified by Referify!


That's it!

If you run into any issues or have additional questions, don't hesitate to let us know.