Zesty Zoodles in Avocado Sauce

Backordered until approximately March 30, 2020.

Welcome to delicious vegan cuisine done right: generous portions of quinoa pasta tossed with zucchini and topped with a heavenly avocado sauce and sweet cherry tomatoes. A few dashes of fresh lemon and lime juice add some citrusy zest. You don’t have to be vegan to rejoice in this bright, refreshing, and simple meal. It’s wholesome fare that won’t drag you down!

To eat, add 10 oz boiling water to the pouch. Bon appetit!

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Zucchini, Avocado Sauce (Avocado, Green Onion, Fresh Lemon Juice, Parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Lime Juice, Garlic Salt (Himalayan Salt, Dehydrated Garlic), Garlic, Black Pepper), Tomato, Quinoa Pasta (White Rice Flour, Quinoa Flour)

Customer Reviews

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Forgot it was Vegetarian

I ate this while traveling and it was amazing. My biggest concern was that the noodles wouldn't cook thoroughly, or would feel hard/crunchy, but no. It basically tastes like any food you could have gotten to-go, or microwaved...not like it was re-hydrated at all. Very filling with amazing texture from the zucchini & pasta. The sauce is lemony and creamy, but not at all heavy. I need family sized portions.

Awesome meal!

This is one of the best vegan meals I’ve had for backpacking. It’s hard to come across good backpacking meals for a vegan lifestyle, but this one totally nails it. Tastes fantastic, light weight, cooks up great. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Awesome!! So happy you enjoyed it.
Better with time

Big pieces of tender zucchini and tomatoes and delicate slices of crunchy fennel. This feels like a home made meal that wont drag you down on your adventures. Small and packable and light. Repeats quickly but if you can wait, I think it gets even better after flavors meld a bit.

Real food, really easy.

There’s nothing more satisfying than sitting down for lunch deep in the backcountry and seeing huge chunks of real fresh food. Nobody wants to haul around zucchinis and avocados in the mountains, and this meal delivers all that joy without the hassle. If doing a multi-day trip I’d suggest this one towards the end once your over indiscernible moosh. The packaging is incredibly lightweight and the reheat time is a few minutes (no staring at the bag for half an hour). The result is a zippy, cirtus forward light tasting meal that packs in the energy to keep you going.

I’ve enjoyed this on the trail, on skis, and look forward to including it in my rotation (mixed with my homemade meals) for long backpacking and hunting trips this summer! Definitely give it a try!

A yummy and nutritious meal

Being plant based has meant that I have needed to buy freeze dried single ingredients and crafting my own meals for the trail. While I have been able to make due, it has meant a few trips where I was hungry and unsatisfied.

I have taken this meal on the trail twice. The sauce is super delicious and there is plenty of pasta to keep your energy high for a long day on the trails. The first time there were not as many veggies, but the second time the dish was bursting flavor, energy and nutrition. I am very excited to have some plant based options for my trips!

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